Keeping an office organized can be a challenge. The average office worker spends up to 1-3 hours a day searching for misplaced items.

If your office isn't up to par, productivity decreases, and stress levels rise. Both translate to missed goals and setbacks.

With that knowledge, you need an office organization plan. You need tips, tricks, and ideas to keep things running smoothly.

Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks out there that can help you clean up and streamline. Here's your essential guide on how to maintain an office organization. Keep reading!

Utilize Label and Storage Solutions

Utilizing labeling and storage solutions is a great way to start. Labels will help in categorizing various files, products, and other items that may be missing without them. Labeling also serves as an easy way to keep track of tasks that need to be done.

Storage solutions should be used for documents, office supplies, and other items to prevent clutter in the office. Utilizing shelves or cabinets can help organize items that don’t need to be accessed frequently.

You can visit and take your document organization to the next level with custom-printed tab dividers. They offer a variety of office supplies based on your office needs.

Leverage and Expand Desk Space

Start by using vertical storage to leverage the space available. This means stacking binders, journals, and any other office materials in a neat, organized manner. Another option is to wall-mount shelves and attaches whiteboards for quick access.

Finally, utilize under-desk filing systems and/or cart cabinets for bulky items. This will help to expand your desk space and ensure more efficient use of floor space. Along with this, try to keep the desk surface neat and organized by only keeping essential items visible.

Avoid Paper Clutter

Use file folders and organization systems to sort papers in numerical or alphabetical order. Papers that are not often accessed should be stored in storage boxes or offsite archives. Next, scan important documents that are no longer in active use and store them as digital files.

Be sure to check incoming paperwork for its purpose and discard any unnecessary documents or paper formats. Finally, establish a schedule to review unnecessary documents and clutter in the office on a regular basis.

Implement A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Having a regular cleaning schedule is key to maintaining workspace organization. To start, set regularly scheduled days for completing tasks such as taking out the trash, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming. Encourage employees to do their part by placing labels on desks, keeping counters and cabinets tidy, and closing drawers.

Have designated areas to store supplies and put out specific containers for recycling. Distribute cleaning checklists to employees that they can complete ensuring they are aware of what items need to be cleaned and by when.

Benefits of Maintaining Office Organization

The benefits of maintaining office organization are numerous. Not only does it make the workspace look more professional and inviting, but it also helps with office efficiency and productivity. With a well-organized office, it is much easier to find information, documents, and resources when needed.

Being tidy and organized also reduces stress and miscommunication among co-workers. Get started today and feel the satisfaction and productivity that comes with a well-organized office space.

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